History in Motion: RNDC

In conjunction with the Auditorium Theatre, CDHP will be producing “History in Motion: Chicago, Past and Present” to accompany the “Made in Chicago” dance performance series. Each event will be tailored to provide historical context for the company being presented. Look for our programming within two weeks prior to each concert, then follow up with us in the Auditorium lobby during the show.

October 3, 2015 marked River North Dance Chicago’s last performance with Frank Chaves serving as Artistic Director. CDHP’s Zac Whittenburg spoke with RNDC Artistic Administrator Sara Bibik before the concert. They reflected upon Chaves’s career, examined the evolution of the company, and looked toward a new chapter in RNDC’s history.

Additionally, audience members stopped by the lobby to share thoughts and memories about Frank with CDHP. Check out even more by searching #thanksfrank and please tag yourself in the Comments.


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