Founder of Luna Negra Talks Dancing his Way to Representation

Eduardo Vilaro moved to Chicago in 1997 to pursue a Masters degree at Columbia College. Immediately thereafter, he founded Luna Negra Dance Theater in order to defy stereotypes and express the realities of Latin-Americans through authentic contemporary dance. In 2011, he left Luna Negra and returned to succeed Tina Ramirez as Artistic Director of Ballet Hispanico.eduardo_blog

Luna Negra was Chicago’s premier Latinx dance company and rose from grassroots beginnings to international acclaim in under a decade. As an immigrant and a first-generation Cuban-American, Vilaro  was constantly seeking family and connection and used that drive to build a tight-knit and trusting community within his company. For him, the visibility of Luna Negra and any company representing marginalized communities creates a movement for social equity and justice, a message they conveyed through their honestEduardo Vilaro 1 and expressive performance. On this note Vilaro remarked, “Speaking about a culture, I needed everyone to connect to a passion – the emotions, the pain, the grit, the light and the dark.”

His choreography  was most recently featured in Northwestern University’s Danceworks 2017: Current Rhythms.

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