Mort Kessler Does It All

August 8 was “Giordano Research Day” for the CDHP crew, interviewing two gentlemen who were part of the company’s earliest years. The day began with original Giordano Dance Company member Mort Kessler. Mort came to Chicago in his late teens and met Peg Giordano while working as a hairdresser on Michigan Avenue. His friendship with Gus and Peg Giordano was instantaneous, as was his involvement … Continue reading Mort Kessler Does It All

Susan Lee on Crafting Compassionate Curricula

Susan Lee began her teaching career working with high school students, which led her to pursuing a PhD in developmental psychology as she sought to better understand her students’ struggles. Susan’s interest in combining dance and psychology drew the attention of Northwestern University and an offer to design its dance program. Her experience in both fields helped her relate dance to the conventions of academia … Continue reading Susan Lee on Crafting Compassionate Curricula